Duffy Receives Outstanding Faculty Award

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It was announced today that Dr. Emmett Duffy is one of the 2013 recipients of the Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards. This honor recognizes excellence in teaching, mentorship, research and service.

J. Emmett Duffy, VIMS Professor of Marine Science, receives 2013 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award

In response, Emmett says: “Receiving the Outstanding Faculty Award is of course a huge thrill for me.  One reason is that it’s allowed me to spread the word about the ZEN partnership and project (see the College of William and Mary’s video here) and to highlight some of the cool things we’re doing.  Honestly, I think ZEN is the most exciting science I’ve ever done, and we have our large group of motivated partners, and especially Pamela Reynolds, to thank for that. There will be more to come soon since we’re in the thick of data analysis and some intriguing results are emerging. Stay tuned!”



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